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Related post: lobes 5, lanceolate, 2mm long, 0.5mm wide, mealy; petals 5, pale rose or white, linear, 7mm long, 0.5mm wide, reflexed at anthesis; stamens ?10, 1 fertile with filament 7-8mm long; ovary obliquely ovoid, ovules 1, style slender, 6mm long. Fruit a smooth, grey, leathery, kidney-shaped drupe 2-3cm long, attached to and slightly immersed in an enlarged, fleshy pedicel (false-fruit) which is slightly acid but edible; seed 1, oily. Flowering, beginning August; fruiting October to November or sometimes December. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES The oil in the mesocarp, popularly known as "leite de castanha" (milk of "castanha"), contains Cardol and Anacardic acid, which give it caustic properties, and thus it is used as an antiseptic, a vermifuge, for cauterization and in the curing of calluses, warts, skin blemishes and tissues of neoformation. 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES There are references to the Buy Paracetamol Online utilization of cashew, "caju 11 , oil in the curing of leprosy. The inner bark, cooked, is used Order Paracetamol for rinsing the mouth and gargling for mouth ulcers and throat infections. In infusions or macerated it is used in the curing Buy Paracetamol of diabetes and asthma. The pseudo-fruit and the Juice are rich in Ascorbic acid and Riboflavin. They are used to make a tonic, sedative, diuretic, in cases of poisoning, as a depurative, to improve diet, and in cases of diarrhoea. There are indications of the pseudo-fruit and of the oil extracted from the nut being used as an antisyphilitic and in skin diseases. The bark is used in the treatment of haemorrhages and is also well known as an anti- diabetic. The recommended does is of 4 grams of bark in 1 glass of boiling water 2 or 3 times a Purchase Paracetamol Online day. There are references to the use of the bark as an aphrodisiac when bottled and macerated in "aguardente" (Sugar cane spirits). It is also used as a disinfectant, for the cleansing of eczemas, leucorrhea and infections of the feet. The recommended dose is of 10 grams of bark, which should be boiled for 20 minutes, then mixed with Purchase Paracetamol cold water and applied to the affected areas. By cutting the trunk one gets a resin-like substance, light brown in colour ,perfumed, hard, and acrid in taste. This resin when dissolved in water is used as an expectorant in cases of persistent coughing. The Indians use this resin as a powder, and it is mixed with a liquid to be taken by women whose menstrual period did not occur (Braga, 1960). 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUTENTS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS The cashew and seeds, the "castanha", are high in nutrients, for they are composed of approximately 9.77. of azotic substances, 5.9%of starch, 14.13% of fine yellow oil the density of which is 0.916 (Hoehne, 1979). The pseudo-fruit is a source of Ascorbic acid and Riboflavin while the oil In Paracetamol Online the mesocarp contains Cardol and Anarcardic acid. 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION No details available but processing is indicated in section 8. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING The importance of this species lies in the commercialization of its fruit and pseudo- fruit. The fleshy pedicel is greatly in demand in the juice and sweetmeat industry as well as "in nature", for it Order Paracetamol Online is tasty and refreshing. The oil can be extracted from the real fruit, the "castanha", and has many different uses. The roasted seed is also commercialized and is used as an aperitif or snack. Vinegar, liquor, wine and "aguardente", (liquor distilled from natural fermentation products of sugar cane), can also be derived from the juice of the peduncle. The wood Cheap Paracetamol is considered to be of poor quality and produces a great deal of ash when burned. The astringent peel is used for tanning processes. With the sour cashews, "cajus", the peel is utilized for dyeing clothes, hammocks and fishing lines, giving them greater resistance due to the presence of tinctorial substances. The resin which leaks from the trunk has the same uses as gum arable and is preferred by bookbinders because it is cheaper and more resistant. 9. SILVICS The seed germinates rapidly, and soon reaches the full stature of an adult tree, beginning fruit production in 2 years. Anacardium humile St. Mil, being well adapted to the soils beneath the "cerrado" vegetation, is often suitable as rootstock for graft- ing of other varieties which are more susceptible to disease, and which do not occur spontaneously in acid soils,, Genet ical improvement studies are needed for this species. 10. MAJOR DISEASES None specified. 11. OTHER USES The resin from the tree is thick and dark in colour and is used as a varnish, to waterproof wood, and as a polish for furniture. The natives in Brazil make flour and also feed cattle and domestic birds with the leftovers of the pseudo-fruit. 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Barros, M.A.G. e (1982) Barroso, G.M. Buy Cheap Paracetamol (1978) Braga, R. (1960) Carvalho, R.F. (1976) Chiriani, C.H.B. (1974) Conceiqao, Generic Paracetamol M.
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